Busy bumblebees group

10 months

to 2 and 1/2 years

This is our youngest group in the kindergarten. Here the children learn to play with  each other and to be more independent day by day, e.g how to take off some clothes, how to use a spoon or how to use the potty.
In the Busy Bees group the English language is taught through songs, and small key words related to the daily routines and activities.

sara Ylinen

Group Leader

Kindergarten Teacher 

Hi! I’m Sara and I live for the little ones! I’ve always been passionate about the pedagogy of children under age of three.
I’m a firm believer in early learning through play and love laughing with the little ones. I also love putting them to sleep and painting with them. Besides finnish and english, I strive to speak and understand bodylanguage, since it’s every little ones’ first and sometimes only way of communicating.

Sakari mannervesi

Practical nurse

Hi, I am Sakari, I have worked at Enkkutarha for 3 1/2 years. 
I play guitar and I like to sing with the kids.
One of the things the children enjoy doing most  with me is using different tools to build with wood and other materials. 

Rosanna uusitupa

Practical nurse 

Maternity Leave

Hello, my name is Rosanna or has kids call me, Rossu.
I enjoy day to day with the busy bees, it is amazing see them learn and adapt to the routines we have in our kindergarten. I love to make them feel safe and create a cosy environment in our class.
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