10 months

to 2 and 1/2 years



Group leader, Kindergarten teacher

Hi! I'm Sara and I live for the little ones! I've always been passionate about the pedagogy of children under the age of three. I'm a firm believer in early learning through play and love laughing with the little ones. I also love petting them to sleep and painting with them. Besides Finnish and English, I strive to speak and understand body language, since it's every little ones' first and sometimes only way of communicating.




Hey! I am Merituulia. I like to go on trips with the kids, and I enjoy the little moments of everyday life. The best thing about my job is that I am able to see children grow, develop and learn new things. I try to take the children’s ideas and suggestions into account and, if possible, try and implement them on the same day.

This is our youngest and smallest group in our daycare. In this group the children learn to play and to be more independent day by day. They also learn how to take come clothes off, how to use the spoon and how to use the potty.
In the Busy Bees group the English language is taught through songs, and small key words related to the daily routines and activities.



Hello! I'm Joanna. I’m a nurse for the Busy Bumblebees. I love working with the little ones. It's important for me to be present with the children and to create a safe and confident environment for them.

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