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Safety and sustainability
in our Enkkutarha

At Rauman Enkkutarha we offer a safe and encouraging environment for children, where we support their growth and development on the way becoming confident and independent communicators.

We build close relationships and are in daily contact with families. Our goal is to create a trusting relationship with parents and families, and to support the child's growth and development in the best possible way together. We want to create an environment where children can develop their social skills, self-esteem and confidence. In our kindergarten, play is an integral part of every day.

Heippa perheet!.heic

Camilla Koivisto
Head of the Kindergarten


I am Camilla Koivisto and I am the director of Rauman Enkkutarha. It's very important for me that I guarantee a safe and high quality early childhood education for your children.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

+358 44 241 9937

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