Our families can apply for a voucher from the City of Rauma, this help depends of incomes the family recive.

Example: Full time price for a child under 3 years old  is 1220e                  Family pays 309e 

                                                                                                       City pays 911e

We offer different prices acording to the hours the child comes to the Kindergarten per month.


Hours/month     52-92h     93-115h    116-150h       Full time

Under 3yrs        183e           238e            281e              309e (original price 1220e)

Over 3yrs          183e           238e           281e              309e  (original price 820e)


Preschool           9.00 -13.00 Out of charge

                        Before and after the preschool time: 183e/month

*The second child has a discount of 50% in the price.



Would you like to download the reservation time sheet for this month?
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