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Over 4
year olds


Roosa Koivunen

Early childhood education teacher

Hi! My name is Roosa and I am teaching the Wise Owls. As a teacher I put the needs and intrests of children above all else. My goal is to create positive and safe environment for the children to grow and learn. I also value learning through playing and other activities.

In the Wise Owls class children have lots of opportunities to explore, imagine, create and learn through play as well as have time with the teacher to learn new skills and knowledge.
Children are encouraged to have a go at new challenges and learn from each other.
A positive learning environment helps children to develop social and emotional well-being and provides them with skills , intelligence and attitudes to succeed at school and throughout their lives. We listen closely to children's ideas and use them to plan new topics and activities in class.
Language learning is further supported  in this class by morning circle, action poems, daily storytime in English and lots of singing. In this class we also have Finnish lessons because we follow the Finnish curriculum.
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