2 to
4 year  olds

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Early childhood education teacher

Hi, I'm Anna and I work as a ECEC-teacher in Happy Hedgehogs. My teaching is influenced by positive - and special pedagogy. I strive to enable high-quality and inclusive early childhood education and care experience for all families.

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Hi! I’m Odeta from Lithuania. I work in the Happy Hedgehogs group.
I have experience working with children of all ages and I really enjoy working in this field. Such work allows me to grow as a personality and gain a positive and challenging rhythm on a daily basis.

In the Happy Hedgehogs group the children learn to be more independent, e,g. getting dressed and undressed by themselves and helping with small tasks in the classroom. They develop self-awareness, self-concept, and are introduced to cultural and language awareness.

They participate in activities that develop team work and social skills, and focus on improving their fine and gross motor skills in preparation for their preschool year.

The English language is taught through songs, daily routines, morning circle, weekly topics, learning stations, gym, art, and music. English is introduced to the children through the use of simple instructions, phrases and vocabulary. This group has personality, is always up for a good challenge, and is, of course, a very happy group!