Clever Foxes

2 1/2 to 4 1/2 year olds

The Clever Foxes group is always very energetic. They are keen to explore and ask millions of questions. We provide them with different environments where they can observe, investigate and learn through  play, e.g. trips, gym, parks and visits to local forest. Children participate in activities which develop team work and social skills and help them to become more independent.
The English language is taught through songs, routines and daily repetitive phrases and we also introduce new vocabulary through weekly topics. 

Hi, I am Tia, I have worked at Enkkutarha for 13 years and now I am  the group leader for the Clever Foxes group.

I am interested in nature and I like to explore the local environment with the children and provide them with activities and opportunities to explore and identify plants and animals as well as seasonal changes in nature.

Group leader and Kindergarten teacher




Hi, I am Päivi and I am parto of the foxes group. I have worked at Rauma English Kindergarten for 9 years. I enjoy doing all kinds of craft activities with the children. 

Practical Nurse

päivi pyytövaara

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