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2 to 4 year olds


mari mäkelä
Early childhood education teacher

Hi! I´m Mari and I´m the teacher for the Clever Foxes. I emphasize social interaction in our group
and enjoy exploring and experiencing life with the children through everyday situations. My goal is
to provide children a safe and positive environment where they can learn through play and various
activities, arts, and music.

Boy and sister

jani lehtoniemi

A 25-year-old and graduated childcarer in the field of children's and young people's expertise

The Clever Foxes group is always very energetic. They are keen to explore and ask millions of questions. We provide them with different environments where they can observe, investigate and learn through play, e.g. trips, gym, parks and visits to the local forest. Children participate in activities which develop team work and social skills and help them to become more independent.

The English language is taught through songs, routines and daily repetitive phrases and we also introduce new vocabulary through weekly topics.