to Rauma English Kindergarten


A safe and happy place for children to grow and awaken

their interest in the English language

  • Provide a safe and stimulating environment for the children

  • Develop confident and independent communicators

  • Introduce children to the English language

  • Build close relationships and have daily contact with the families 

  • Create an environment where children can develop their social skills, self-esteem and confidence


We use the language shower method as an approach to teach the English language. Children are introduced to new vocabulary through daily routines, songs, rhymes, stories and everyday phrases. Our goal is that the children will be able to follow all of the daily routines in English, as well as express themselves in English by the end of their pre-school year.

Our method



Enkkutarha on yksi meidän perhen arjen kulmakivistä: opettajat jotka jaksavat väaittää, lämmin tunnelma ja kodikkaat tilat. Töissä jaksaa kun tietää, että lapsilla on hyvä olla

Kolmen enkkutarhalaisen äiti