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The daycare is family-oriented


Private Rauma English Kindergarten is a non-profit association which is founded in 1984. The daycare is family-oriented, which means also that parents have the opportunity to join to support the activities if they wish.

Our operations are based on key values that are reflected in all our daily activities. We want to create new happy memories together through learning. We offer activities that support the child's development in Finnish and English.

Multiculturalism is definitely the wealth of our daycare! Children have the opportunity to learn new things and get to know different languages and cultures. Even if your family's mother language is Finnish, your child is always welcome at our daycare!

Our values guide our daily activities

Play is a tool for all learning! We want to offer children a safe, equal and encouraging environment through joyful learning, experiences and activities, which gives the child important opportunities for success.

Our goal is to arouse interest in foreign languages and different cultures. We offer activities that support your child's development, where the English language works as a tool for learning and activities alongside the Finnish language. We operate in accordance with the national and Rauma city early childhood education plan.

  • Children's participation and child orientation

  • Learning through play

  • Educational partnership with families

  • Small group activities and full-time pedagogy

  • Warm and appreciative interaction

  • The rich world of languages including the English language

  • Safety and sustainability


Our multi-talented team is proud to offer a warm and friendly environment where both children and parents feel welcome and heard.

In our daycare, we are committed to providing the best experience and learning opportunities for all the children in our care. At Enkkutarha, we are also committed to developing our own work and expertise.


We have four groups

In our kindergarten, we have three groups for children: Busy Bublebees and Clever Foxes, with one group being divided into two sub-groups; Happy Hedgehogs and Wise Owls.

Presence and good interaction are the basis of our activities, both among children and educators. We can see the teams' ability to be truly present. We give the child room to participate, invent and develop, as well as make mistakes and try again.

The main goal of learning English in groups is to develop a positive attitude towards the new language and create joy in learning something new.

Meet our team

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