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Our first week :D

The last first week has been amazing at the kindergarten, we got to know each other a bit better. Has been great to observe how the children are playing with new friends and trying to communicate when some of them didn’t speak any Finnish. They were testing all the toys we have in our “outside house” and building tents with different materials.

Foxes, Hedgehogs and Owls (pre-schoolers) enjoyed their first gym session. Every week, on Tuesdays, we are visiting Friski’s gym, there we can run, jump and play some games that need a little bit more space.

Next week, from 19th – 23th of August,we will receive the visit of a group of Spanish teaches. They are part of an Erasmus + Project, and they will be observing how our teachers work in our kindergarten. They would like to observe new ways of teaching and interactions with children, and how children in Finland can learn by playing.

All of them are teachers at Europa International School (http://www.europaschool.org), a private school in the south of Spain, where they teach using English as a principal language.