our key VAlues

  • Happiness

  • Learning through play

  • Warm and appreciative interaction

  • Self-esteem, safety and security

  • Social competence

  • Collaborative learning

  • English language

  •  Happiness: Every child is unique and deserves high quality care and education. One of our main goals is that your child is happy and motivated to achieve his/her full potential and to be an active participant in their learning and development.

  • Learning through play: Play is an integral part of a child's physical, personal and social development. Children learn most effectively when they are playing, having fun and following their interests. Outdoor leaning is also highly valued at the kindergarten. Our daily schedule allows plenty of time for outdoor play and physical exercise.

  • Warm and appreciative interaction: All children develop at a different pace. Due to small group sizes, we can pay  particular attention to each child's needs.  A positive self-image and high self-esteem give children the confidence to communicate effectively with adults and other children and to explore the world around them. We have a close working partnership with our parents. 

  • Self-esteem, safety and security: We create an environment where the children can feel safe and secure and where they are encouraged to aquire skills that help their independence. This is supported with daily routines and structures and rules for behaviour. We provide the children with experiences and support which enable them to develop a positive sense of themselves.

  • Social competence: This is one of the most important areas of development for young children. Being part of a small group helps children to develop their communication skills, turn taking and other social skills.

  • Collaborative learning: In the Finnish Curriculum it is really important that the children become participants in their own learning.  We encourage children to share their ideas and thinking processes. We listen closely to their inputs and interests to find out the best way to teach them.

  • English Language: The goal of early language teaching is to make children aware of foreign language and raise their interest in exploring and learning it. All our language learning activities are age-appropriate and integrated into meaningful contexts that are part of the everyday life of the children. Play is a natural medium for learning for children. They learn with all their senses, through seeing, hearing and movement. Games, songs and playful situations are good and fun ways to teach the language.  

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